welcome to Clarwick Ltd

We specialise in the design, installation and service of Water Purification systems and the provision of specialised Chemical Cleaning Services.
Chemical Cleaning Services:

  • Passivation and De-Rouging of Stainless Steel pipe-work and systems in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technology industries.
  • Disinfection services for new and existing installations.
  • We carry out dynamic flushing and Alkali wash of new pipe-work and equipment.
  • Acid washing for the removal of scaled from pipe-work and equipment.

Clarwick strive to reduce our chemical foot print by using Non-hazardous, Bio-Degradable chemicals where possible. We continually invest in research to provide a Chemical Cleaning service using environmentally friendly products.

what we do – Services

We are the primary company in Ireland for Passivation and were the first company to carry out Chelant De-rouging and passivation in Ireland.

Water Purification:
We design & provide Water Purification systems for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, we specialise in the design, installation and service of Low volume high Purity systems that require USP, laboratory or electronic grade water.  We provide after sales service and service contracts.

We can utilise Ion ex-change softening, Twin bed re-generable De-Ionisation, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Violet Sterilisation and Nuclear grade mixed bed D.I. resins to achieve 18.3 megohm quality water. We supply the best option for Cartridge filtration and also on High purity Filtration.