About Us

The directors of Clarwick Ltd have over 40 years combined experience in the design, Installation and Service of Water Purification Systems and the provision of specialised Chemical Cleaning Services.  Established in 1996 Clarwick has been built on customer satisfaction and our growth has been customer driven.   Our motto has always been “The Buck Stops Here” and with that as our marker we strive to work with our customers to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.  We take responsibility for results.

When designing a water purification system we fit the equipment to the purpose.  We use equipment and technology that is tried and tested and is manufactured by reputable manufacturers, where spares and services are available into the future. Where required we can provide fully documented systems complete with IQ and PQ.

Clarwick has always strived to reduce our chemical foot print by using use non-haz biodegradable chemicals where possible.  Clarwick were the first company to carry out chelant derouging and passivation in Ireland and we continue to invest in research to provide derouging service using non-hazardous chemicals, we have been instrumental in converting our clients away from the use of corrosive and harmful chemicals and towards the more environmentally friendly alternatives.


Water Purification Equipment:

  • Water Softening, Automatic Filters.
  • De-Ionisation and Reverse Osmosis.
  • Ultra Violet Sterilisers.
  • Service of all types of water plant.

Cartridge Filtration:

  • Depth, Pleated, Carbon and specials.
  • Plastic and Stainless, Steel Housings.
  • Bag Filters and Housings.

Chemical Cleaning Services:

  • Passivation and De-Greasing.
  • Disinfection and sterilisation.
  • Acid and Alkali Washes.


  • Disinfection.