Clarwick is much more than just a “Passivation Contractor”.  We are Market leaders in this field.  We were the first company in Ireland to introduce and use chelant technology.

For the last fourteen years we have promoted the use on NON HAZ, BIODEGRADABLE, SAFE Chemistry that does not pose a threat to either personnel or the surface finish of your system.

We are knowledgeable in the causal factors likely to generate corrosion in a system.   From design through construction and into operation we can advise appropriate means for maximising long term corrosion resistance.

Our Services include the following:

  • Professional and Confidential analysis of problem systems in the Pharma. and Bio-tech.  industries.
  • Passivation using Chelant technology, non haz biodegradable proprietary chemistry as taught by Dr. Robert Evans.
  • In house Passivation services available for spool pieces etc.
  • Fully trained and mobile teams ready to respond with short notice.
  • Equipment that is fit for clean room use.
  • Rouged systems can be cleaned.
  •  Problem systems can be analysed and the causal factors of rouging identified.
  • Consultation available designed to the needs of the client.
  • Full documentation and Certification on all services provided.
  • Seminars on Rouge and Rouge prevention available to clients for in house training.

What is passivation? 

It is the method of acquiring the electrochemical condition of “Passivity” through stabilization of the “Passive Layer.” This is generally accomplished through special chemical application(s).

Passivity is the state in which stainless steel exhibits a very low corrosion rate. This is achieved by the formation and continuation of a viable “Passive Layer”. Authorities and experts tend to differ in their explanation of the term Passive Layer, however it is generally agreed that it is a film which acts as a barrier to further corrosion. The Passive Layer is not a coating and in fact reacts with its environment therefore this layer is not of constant depth but is constantly depleting and replenishing itself.

What is Rouge:

Put very simply “rouge” is your system actually corroding.   316L is approximately 64% – 67% Iron, given a chance it will revert back to Iron oxide.  Corrosive mediums such as Purified Water, WFI and Clean Steam accelerate this process