About Dr. Robert Evans

Clarwick became associates of RW Evans and associates in May of 1999. This happened after numerous conversations and a mutual understanding that an association would benefit all concerned.

RW Evans and Associates consists of companies and people with an in-depth knowledge of Stainless steel and its corrosion. It was formed to address the critical corrosion-resistance needs for stainless steel used in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech industries. Since their begining this has been their purpose and specialty.

They have brought together a team of Chemists, Scientists, Metallurgists and Engineers with extensive experience in Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech systems such as Water-for-Injection and Clean Steam Systems. Also W.F.I. Stills, Pure Steam Generators, Product transfer system, Process piping and many others.

The president of RW Evans and Associates is Dr. Robert Evans. He has over 20 years experience in specialised treatment and viable Passivation of Austenitic stainless steels.

He has developed a unique and highly effective Chelation system employing Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Biodegradeable substances, which have proven to provide significantly superior results when compared to the mineral acids and other techniques commonly used in today’s passivation industry. This procedure is the result of years of research and the basis of a pending U.S. Patent.

Dr. Evans is an expert in this field and has published numerous articles in leading industry journals such as Pharmaceutical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. “Corrosion Investigation of 316L Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical WFI Systems” co-authored with Drew C. Coleman was the cover photo and lead article in Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Other published articles include:

  • “Corrosion Products in Pharmaceutical/Biotech Sanitary Water Systems”
  • “Corrosion of Clean Steam Systems”

Dr. Evans has been invited to give seminars around the world on Passivation and gives great insight into Rouge, Its likely causes and cures.