At Clarwick we believe that equipment used for Passivation needs to be of a quality and cleanliness that can be used in clean areas.

We have passivated bio-reactors while the clean room in full production, this is a great testament to the quality of our equipment, the Non-Hazardous  properties of our chemicals and the safe manner in which we carry out our procedures.

We have all pumps, tanks, heat ex-changers and electric heaters mounted on stainless trolly’s with castors, in this way we can make our set-up suitable to site conditions.

All our hoses are convoluted flexible stainless steel, with fully welded ferrule end connections.

We carry over two Kilometres of hoses from ½” up to 4”.

Our pumps are chosen for the chemical and temperature we work with and all wetted parts are Stainless Steel.

We carry a range of 220v and 380v pumps with flow rates from 500L/hr up to 80,000L/hr .

All our 380v pumps are equipped with Hydro-Var’s which are capable of maintaining a constant flow to pressure ratio. It starts and stops the pump slowly thus eliminating water hammer and shock to a system.

We have Stainless Steel tanks with capacities from 40L to 3,000L.

Each tank have multiple return ferule connections to ensure all return hoses can be separately valves and secured. Our tanks are also fitted with fixed folding stainless steel steps to ensure the safety of personnel during chemical mixing.

Heat Ex-Changers:
We have 1”, 2” and 4” steam heat ex-changers.

We chose all welded plate units so as to prevent gasket break down and thus ensure that plant steam does not enter the passivation solution and into our clients systems.

Isolation valves and properly sized steam traps are fitted to each unit.

Electrical Heaters:
For small volume systems where plant steam is not a viable option we carry electric heaters with 12, 21 and 64 Kw ratings.

All wetted parts are 316 Stainless Steel and each unit has full temperature control with settable thermostat’s.

Along with the above we carry a large range of various stainless steel fittings with tri-clamp ends that are used to loop out sensitive equipment etc. including Elbows, Tee’s, Valves, Reducers, Threaded adaptors, Temperature and Pressure gauges, Clamps and gaskets.