Water Purification

Water purification is the process of removing any unwanted contaminants from water, be that sediment, dissolved mineral (hardness, iron or manganese), Dissolved gases (Hydrogen Sulphide) or bacteriological (E-coli, streptococci, coliforms, etc.).
Our goal at Clarwick is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. We design a system that will deliver the water quality you require.

One of the most essential steps in designing a system is to understand the chemistry of the raw water. To this end we insist that a raw water analysis is carried out by an independent laboratory, this not only ensures the accuracy of the results but also ensures that the report is not distorted towards a sales pitch.

We then offer a system that is designed to treat this water and to resolve the problems.
We design & provide systems for the domestic and commercial markets, working closely with local plumbers.
We specialize in designing, installing and servicing systems for the low volume high quality user that requires USP, laboratory or electronic grade water. We provide after sale service and service contracts to this market.
We use the following technologies to design a system to meet required water quality.