Automatic Filters

Clarwick design and manufacture a range of Automatic Filters to suit site specific problems. We choose the best available media after a full water analysis has been performed. We manufacture filters for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.

The size and type of filter is chosen based on the following:

  • Concentrations of and type of contaminates.
  • The flow rate that our client requires.
  • What purpose the water is to be used for.

Filter Types Available:

  • Carbon Filters – used for the removal of Chlorine, Taste and Odour.
  • Sediment Filters – used for the reduction of Turbidity and Sediment.
  • Filox Filters – used for the removal of Iron and Manganese.
  • pH Correction – used to raise the pH of acidic water.

Filter Operation:

During service, water flows through the filter and contaminates are filtered out of the water onto the filter media. When the filter media is loaded with contaminants it is backwashed to remove the accumulated deposits from the filter media. This backwash is controlled automatically and this back wash water is run to drain at a high flow rates in order to flush the contaminates from the media and leave the filter ready to start filtering again.

A control valve mounted either on the top or the side of the vessel completes the backwash cycle automatically. The intervals and times for back washing are set during installation to suit individual conditions.