Pure Water Systems

We specialise in low volume high purity water systems or Pure Water Systems.

At Clarwick we understand that low volume does not mean low quality. We design, install and service high purity systems to meet your regulatory requirements. We specialise in systems that deliver high purity water volumes of 100L to 1,000L/ hour

At Clarwick, this is our core business. 

From a simple economical mixed bed D.I. system to a fully validated pure water generation and distribution system.

We have designed and installed systems in the food, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and digital media industries. We maintain and service critical systems that feed the humidification/ air handling units of some of the largest clean rooms and museums in Ireland.

We design a system that meets your needs and is designed for your water, not an off the shelf, mass produced product that is not designed for Irish water.

Design begins with an analysis of your raw water as understanding the chemistry of your water will determine which technology will give the best results.

We can utilise Ion ex-change softening, Twin bed re-generable De-Ionisation, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Violet Sterilisation and Nuclear grade mixed bed D.I. resins to achieve 18.3 megohm quality water. We can supply the best option for Cartridge filtration and also on High purity Filtration.

Maintenance and service

  • We offer a tailored made maintenance package to meet your needs.
  • Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced.
  • We provide operational support service to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency.
  • We offer full maintenance contracts and can also train your staff in daily operation, record keeping and routine maintenance.
  • We hold a stock of all consumables necessary.